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2019 Fall Flag Football Week 2

Saturday League

Another great weekend is in the books for our awesome Saturday League. It’s only week 2 but the players are in midseason form. 

The schedule is good to go for Saturday, October 26th. Have a great week and see you all Saturday. 

Sunday League

This past weekend was a bust due to the rain (hopefully this week holds up for us) and I just wanted to reach out and give everyone an update on makeup games going forward. 

As of now, with one day rain out, we will have makeup games on November 24th. If we were to get any other cancellations, a second game site would open up for games where each team would play at least 3 games over two Sundays. The goal is for each team to play at least 6 regular-season games. 

All-Star Game

This season, we will be having an All-Star game Saturday, November 23rd. More details coming soon. 


This season we will have a new and exciting playoff format. Those details will come out next week! 

The schedule for this weekend is set so please check the SI app or team page through email. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out.